Action: Searching equipment for a final repository on Münsterplatz, Bonn

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

the World Climate Conference at Bonn is in full swing. On this occasion, the Bürgerinitiave Umweltschutz Lüchow Dannenberg and the international campaign “Don’t nuke the climate” have today started a spontaneous demonstration on the Münsterplatz. Because various different nuclear lobby offshoots are using the COP23 for horrifying fake news for the people attending the conference.

Starting at 11 a.m., the alliance – with the participation of the BI – will be on the Münsterplatz with searching equipment for a final repository to point out to the unsolved problem of storing highly radioactive waste. There is no final repository in the Federal Republic of Germany for this highly toxic waste or anywhere in the world. The licenses for the intermediate storage facilities offering a completely insufficient protection against this nuclear waste will expire after 40 years. The storing of Castor casks into the storage facility at Gorleben had already started in 1995.

The alliance demands: stop nuclear power now. Nuclear power is the wrong solution to stop the climate change. We cannot afford to pursue wrong solutions, if we want to restrict the global warming to below 1.5 degrees Celsius as had been rightfully decided upon at the World Climate Summit at Paris in 2015.

The alliance poses the following demands towards the parties: take the climate change serious, do not deal with and sell climate protection targets. Phase out of coal and nuclear energy, now!

A large construction with a wheel with a diameter of 3.50 m, many people in radiation suits, a professor with a bottle of liquor with an overall on, the state of the art in science and technology in the search for a final repository on the Münsterplatz of Bonn.

Flyers and a freshly prepared report, why nuclear power is not part of the solution of the climate change but part of the problem, will be distributed today.

Too expensive, too dirty, too dangerous, too slow and superfluous due to the renewable energies already existing.

We invite you to participate in and to visit the search for a final repository with the equipment for the search for a final repository at Bonn!

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