NIRS "Who is protecting us ?"

Team DNTC, 19. Dec. 2020

Who’s Protecting Us? is a hard-hitting campaign calling out Congress and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for failing to protect us from the dangers of nuclear power, including radiation, nuclear waste, and the impacts/ravages/devastation of climate change..

The letter you’ll send to Congress about the NRC contains six demands:

Protect people and the planet by moving us as fast as possible to 100% renewable energy and phasing out nuclear power and fossil fuels.

Protect us against climate disasters that could turn into nuclear disasters.

Ensure that the NRC protects Indigenous and environmental justice community rights.

Prevent exposure to radiation.

Set safety and emergency requirements based on disaster prevention, not on easily biased probability calculations.

Ensure the NRC is an independent regulator, free from industry influence, and close the revolving door between the NRC and industry.

Who is protecting us Campaign

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