Incident at Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant

Team DNTC, 27. Jan. 2021

‘Problems around Akkuyu NPP is so dire that, even the supporters of nuclear energy must object’

"If Such accidents occur during the construction phase of nuclear facilities that require maximum safety, it means that risks of Akkuyu Project is beyond general nuclear risks . When we see that facts are hidden from public it is obvious that problems around Akkuyu NPP is so dire that even the advocates of nuclear energy must object" Coordinator Pinar Demircan.

"If this is planned, we want to know what is unplanned?”

Regarding the explanations that a planned explosion was made, Pinar Demircan stated, if it was expected to cause an effect of 1.2 magnitude earthquake, they should tell us that why people in the region were not warned in advance. Also, the explanations are contradictory she adds:

On the one hand, it is called road construction, then we hear another explanation to the employees as it is for the construction of barracks kind of accommodation facilities. Mersin Anti-Nuclear Platform and non-governmental organizations including various professional associations have a right to ask "If this is planned, we want to know what is unplanned?”

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